Tuesday, July 08, 2003

Athlon picks Clemson fifth

I picked up a copy of Athlon's ACC football preview magazine while I was at the beach last week. They're picking Clemson fifth in the league this year.

I've got no problem with that (personally, I think if our O-line gets it together, we could finish higher), but I did have a problem with their unit rankings (see page 60 if you've got the magazine). Clemson's quarterback unit is only ranked seventh in the nine-team ACC.

Seventh? Heck, last year Charlie Whitehurst was fifth in the league in pass efficiency as a freshman, and was eighth in total offense even though he only played in 10 games -- and he only started five of those.

I know preseason prognostication isn't chemical engineering, but I think Whitehurst's performance last season should rank him a bit higher than the seventh-best QB in the league.

(Photo courtesy of TigerNet)

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