Monday, September 16, 2013

Do Clemson fans 'get it'? You better believe it

Mike Sturgis writes at Tigernet about the gameday experience at Death Valley -- even for a less-than-stellar opponent:

College football is a celebration that comes only to your campus but seven times a season. It’s the pageantry, the tailgating, the game, the post-game tailgating, and the lasting and lifelong memories. ... I was impressed with the crowd at Clemson last time out. It was South Carolina State, it was 12:37, and it was hot. Minus a small pocket of empty seats where visiting fans sit, Death Valley was full. Just twenty minutes earlier David Hood and I commented it looked like there would be a “whole lot of no shows”. That did not happen because Clemson fans get it.

Read the whole thing.


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Anonymous said...

I have noticed that the voting for the Davey Obrien award final round started today
Clemson is in 1st place with Louisville in close second
need all tigers to step up and start voting in greater numbers
go to this link and vote
Vote O'Brien - Login To Vote each day

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