Thursday, January 05, 2012

W. Virginia 70, Clemson 33: Utterly horrifying

West Virginia's 70-33 demolition of Clemson might not be the worst defeat in the Tigers' history, but it's got to be the most demoralizing. The defense was horrible, the offense inept.

How did this happen? How does Dabo Swinney, the national coach of the year, not have his team ready for the school's biggest game in 30 years?

Lots of questions.

There are still plenty of reasons to be hopeful for Clemson's future.  So many outstanding freshman players (if they don't turn pro). Strong institutional support. Coaching staff continuity.

Hope. As Clemson fans, that's all we've got, right?

OK, on to the carnage.

• Game stories: Here, here and here.

• The turning point of the game?  That 99-yard fumble return when Clemson was about to retake the lead in the second quarter.

• Dabo says: "We'll be back."

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