Thursday, August 31, 2006

Florida Atlantic: Trash-talking the Tigers?

Apparently so. Pretty brave for a team that's starting off the year in the bottom 10. For more previews of Saturday's season opener, go here and here.

* Two starters will miss game: Antonio Clay will be out because of a family tragedy; C.J. Gaddis is being disciplined.

* Season preview: Yet another one here.

* WestZone debuts: It should look fantastic on Saturday.

* Ray Ray's kid: Here's an overview of a brewing controversy involving the NCAA and its apparent inability to pull its head out of its ass. I would explain the link more, but I'm too pissed off. Just go read it, and lament over the jackasses who run the multi-billion-dollar world of intercollegiate athletics.

* More love for Clemson: The Sporting Gnomes find a couple of examples at

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