Tuesday, March 21, 2006

A writer's Christmas wish: Clemson as '06 ACC champs

Tom Dienhart, who writes for The Sporting News, had this to say in his way-early wish list for Christmas 2006:

League titles for Arizona State (Pac-10), Texas Tech (Big 12), Auburn (SEC), Iowa (Big Ten), West Virginia (Big East) and Clemson (ACC).

May all your wildest dreams come true, Tom.

* Rod Gardner re-signs with Green Bay: The former Clemson receiver has had a spotty pro career. But he'll always be remembered for a very special play in 2001 against the Gamecocks:

I think tears are still running down this guy's beak. Oh yeah, I forgot. He's OK with endless humiliation on the football field. It's our FANS he can't stand.

Hey, speaking of my buddy, he's got a response up to my last post. I'm not impressed, but he sure is!

Bonus: After I complained about him not providing a direct link to the post he was attempting to refute, he accuses me of trying to drive my traffic higher and brags about how big his, um, stat counter is.


Have you finished laughing yet?

Why did I want CC to link to my posts? It's just basic blogger courtesy. In the two posts I've done refuting his drivel, I've included the posts he wrote that set me off so that my audience could read them and decide for themselves who made the better argument. But, much like the USC athletic department and its Compliance Department's non-link to the list of its NCAA infractions, it seems Gamecock fans can't handle the truth.

I wish to congratulate Mr. Chicken on having more hits than me despite being around for a lot less time. (Yawn.) If he had bothered to check (and of course he hadn't), he would have noticed that this blog's history under Trey, the former author, was quite spotty. (My name's Peter Fallow, by the way.) Trey launched Tigerpundit in March 2002 with a couple of posts, but then didn't update until August of that year. Then, there was another long break until June 2003, at which point it was updated nearly every day until April 2005. That's when the former owner hung it up for good. I took over in January of this year. So, yeah, it's not exactly been lighting up the stat counter. It's had 23 months of downtime during its four-year existence. So what?

Either the Chicken Man is the worst troll in sports-blog history, or he's an elaborate false-flag operation run by the Clemson athletic department in order to discredit USC fans.

If it's the former, then no more feed for him. If it's the latter, keep up the good work!

* New Clemson blog: Track the comings and goings of Tigers in the NFL right here at the appropriately titled Tigers in the NFL.

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