Friday, January 20, 2006

The Three-Dot Column ...

Clemson freshman defensive end Xavier Littleberry has been kicked off the team for waving his pee-pee at a CLEANING WOMAN!!!! ... Tigernet updates how recruiting is going in the off-season. Apparently, quite well. ... Departing quarterback Charlie Whitehurst talks about his chances in the NFL draft ... OK, ESPN Gameday fans. Here's the drinking game you've been looking for. (Link via Kyle on Football, who appears to be a Georgia fan, but he's all right otherwise.) ... The funny folks at Every Day Should Be Saturday have conducted a study about colleges with big-time football programs and the financial burden they place on students to support those shimmering fall Saturday afternoons. Here's EDSBS' Orson Swindle on Clemson, which ranked 17th: "If we were Clemson students, we'd want auditors. Now." Hey, if you were a loyal IPTAY donor like my father USED TO BE, you, too, would want some answers for the underachieving, lets-lose-to-Duke/Wake-but-scramble-to-make-the-Peach-Bowl-on
-the-strength-of-our-devoted-fan-base finish we've been subjected to by coach Tommy Bowden over the past several seasons. Now, we like Bowden, and I think he's got the potential to be a great coach. But if we don't kick ass next year with the team we've got coming back, then I'm going to become a full-time Appalachian State fan.

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