Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Hey, we've got a real shot in the next game!

Yes, Maryland looks quite beatable. However, Clemson coach Tommy Bowden hasn't done too well against Maryland coach Ralph "We must protect this pizza" Friedgen. (More here.)

WE'RE IN THE ATLANTIC: The ACC has unveiled its division name and assignments for the expanded league. (More here.) It looks like Fanblogs' Kevin Donahue was right; the divisions will be called the Atlantic and the Coastal. Here's how the divisions break down:

Atlantic: Clemson, Maryland, N.C. State, Wake Forest, Boston College, Florida State.

Coastal: Virginia, Georgia Tech, North Carolina, Duke, Virginia Tech, Miami.

There's a new logo, too. It looks a lot like the old one.

PREGAME NOTES: Here are the voluminous pregame notes from the SID's office for the Maryland game.

THE NOTEBOOKS: Here and here.

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