Friday, May 21, 2004

Winston-Salem catches up on the Bowden story

Bill Cole of the Winston-Salem Journal has a column about Clemson coach Tommy Bowden's fantastic finish to the 2003 season and his prospects for a long career at Clemson.

WELCOME TO THE HALL: The Greenville News' Bart Wright takes us back to the old days of Clemson with a profile of Dreher "Goon" Gaskin, who played football at Clemson from 1949-53 and was recently inducted into the South Carolina Athletic Hall of Fame.

SECOND-BEST? has an article that ranks the Clemson-South Carolina rivalry as the second-best in the South, trailing only Alabama-Auburn.

I know the Tigers-Gamecocks rivalry is intense, but it's pretty one-sided. I dunno; I think I might rank Georgia-Florida ahead of our annual tilt with USC.

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