Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Attitude adjustment helps Tigers excel

Clemson players have found their swagger at just the right time, according to this story and this one. Apparently, a motivational speech by former Tiger great Michael Dean Perry helped get the team fired up.

MIDSEASON REPORT: The State hands out a report card on Clemson's status so far this season, including a hard-to-read report card.

A SHORT WEEK: The Anderson Independent-Mail has a basic game preview for Thursday's contest against N.C. State in Raleigh. Speaking of N.C. State, it seems that Chuck "The Chest" Amato is worried about our passing game. I think he ought to be more worried about his pass defense and his team's injuries. (Another notebook is here.)

THEY'RE STEALING OUR SIGNS: Clemson's coaches will change their sideline play-signaling system in the wake of the Virginia game. The Cavs were stealing our signs.

I hate that step-up-to-the-line, step-away-from-the-line razzmatazz that this system forces on quarterback Charlie Whitehurst. Hopefully next year, they'll let him call his own plays.

STATS COOL: Clemson's updated statistical rankings are posted. We've slipped to second in the NCAA in kickoff returns.

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