Sunday, June 15, 2003

I'm back again -- sort of

Well, I completely missed an entire football season! That's mainly because I was busy running another blog, and I've ignored this site. Hopefully that will change this year. And, I'm going to start by linking to this article about the preseason praise being heaped on the Tigers' super defensive back, Justin Miller.

Millier is a bad man, and I hope he has a fantastic season. I also hope Charlie Whitehurst has a great year. We seriously need to raise the level of play, especially with ACC expansion in the works and the looming prospect of playing Florida State AND Miami every year.

Hopefully l will be able to make this year's season opener against Georgia. I intended to go to last year's game in Athens with my dad, but a freak incident put the kibosh on that. Dad got swarmed by bees in his bathroom the day we were going to go to the game. He was fine, but it was a little scary.

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